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electric bike kit

electric bike kit

DIY Your bicycle with Shuangye electric bike kit. 36V/48V 250W/350W/500W/750W/1000W

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Fat tire electric bike

Fat tire electric bike

Best sell electric fat bike,26*4.0 inch,250W/350W/500W/750W/1000W/2000W,long range electric bike 50-100 KM

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electric bike manufacturer

electric bike manufacturer

14 years Professional electric bike manufacturer,supplier every kind of electric bike kits.
Get every electric bike kit you need for different applications.Experience the different electric bike simplicity designed ebike.Get Free order quotation now.

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About Shuangye

Taking up an area of 6, 000 square meters within Sanzao Town, Zhuhai city , Shuangye electric bike company has over 9 departments to best take care of all of your needs. Including sales department, production department, purchase department, R&D department, quality control department, machining workshop, polishing workshop, and assembly line, organized warehouse and more.

For 15 Years We Have Been Creating Customized electric bike Manufacturing Solution More Than 98.9% of customers praise our products and over of 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend HOTEBIKE over time.

Our characteristics and advantages

As an electric bicycle factory, we continue to carry out product development and research to produce future-oriented electric bicycles that adapt to the market. We use the best materials and technology in the industry and are operated by the best professionals today.

We provide customers with 24/7 online customer support to meet the requirements and concerns of customers around the world. As a leading manufacturer of electric bicycles in China, we are responsible for answering your calls anytime, anywhere.

✔ ISO9001:2015 Qualified.
✔ BSCI & TISI Factory
✔ 5 Years Warranty
✔ Professional Production Team
✔ Global Operation
✔ Whole Bathroom Solution Product Range
✔ 24/7 Online Customer Support
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