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Basic knowledge of electric mountain bike

Basic knowledge of electric mountain bike

Batteries are chemical substances and therefore have a certain service life. Primary batteries such as dry batteries (including ordinary alkaline batteries) cannot be recharged. Of course, the service life is only once.

For rechargeable batteries, we generally use the number of recharges to measure the length of their service life. The cycle life of nickel-cadmium batteries is about 300~700 times, and the rechargeable times of nickel-hydrogen batteries are generally 400~1000 times, 500~800 times for lithium ion batteries.

electric mountain bike

The service life of rechargeable batteries is not only affected by factors such as the raw materials and manufacturing processes used in the production of the battery, but also has a close relationship with the charging and discharging methods of the battery and the actual use of the battery.

For example, someone started using 6 nickel-cadmium batteries in 1985, and continues to use them until now, but the battery capacity has been somewhat reduced. It seems that as long as the method of use is reasonable, the rechargeable battery can reach or even greatly exceed the nominal service life.

Electric bicycles can generally be divided into four types: luxury type, ordinary type, front and rear shock absorber type, and portable type. The luxury type has complete functions, but the price is high, the ordinary type has a simple structure, economical and practical; the light type is light and flexible, but the stroke is short. consumer

This should be paid attention to when purchasing.

Check accessories
The strength requirements and performance requirements of electric bicycle components should be higher than that of bicycles. When purchasing, the user should look at the quality of the selected parts of the vehicle, such as: whether the welding and surface of the frame and the front fork are defective, whether all the parts are manufactured in good quality, whether the double supports are strong, whether the tires use famous brands and fasteners Whether it is rust-proof and so on.

Consider renewing mileage

A set of new batteries with a capacity of 36V/12Ah will generally have a continuous mileage of about 50 kilometers. Under normal circumstances, the longest riding distance per day is about 35 kilometers. It is appropriate (due to road conditions that affect the actual continuous mileage). If the longest distance exceeds 50 kilometers, it is necessary to consider whether there is the possibility of charging at intervals twice a day. If there is no such possibility, it is not suitable to buy an electric bicycle.

Key points
1. Check the appearance to see if the surface of the paint and electroplated parts are in good condition.
2. Operate according to the manual and check the working status of the whole vehicle. The speed adjustment transition should be smooth, without shock at start, and the wheels should rotate flexibly
It is lively and has no sense of stagnation. The wheel hub turns softly and has no abnormal noise. The brakes should be moderately tight and reliable.
3. Also check whether the auxiliary functions (such as power display, speed, mileage display, etc.) of the model are in a normal state.
4. Whether the supporting accessories, charger, certificate, manual and warranty card are complete.

mountain bike

1. For the new car purchased, due to the time required for delivery, transportation, and storage, the battery power may be insufficient. Please charge it before using it.
2. Check whether the rated input voltage of charging is consistent with the power supply voltage.
3. The battery can be charged directly in the car, but the power switch must be turned off, or it can be removed and taken to a suitable place indoors for charging.
4. Please connect the output plug of the charging appliance and the charging jack of the battery properly (see picture), and then connect the plug of the charger to the 220V AC power supply. (Note: Do not connect the positive and negative poles of the charger output terminal)
5. At this time, the power supply and charging indicator red light on the charger is on, indicating that the power supply is connected.
6. A charge time is about 5-10 hours. When the charging indicator turns from red to green, it means that the battery is fully charged. If time permits, it is best to continue charging (floating) for about 1-1.5 hours to make the battery get more energy. However, the continuous charging time should not exceed 12 hours, otherwise the battery will be easily deformed and damaged. Damage to the battery caused by overcharge is not covered by the warranty.
7. After charging, unplug the AC power supply first, and then unplug the plug connected to the battery.
8. It is forbidden to connect the charger to the AC power supply for a long time without charging.
9. Do the battery maintenance every one to two weeks, that is, after the green light of the charger is on, continue charging (floating) for 1-1.5 hours to extend the service life of the animal battery.
10. Please use the special charger provided with the car. Do not use other chargers to charge the car.
11. When charging, it should be carried out in a ventilated and dry place, and nothing should be covered on the charger and battery.
12. Keep the charging place away from children and keep your hands dry when plugging or unplugging.
Opening and closing of the electric door: In order to ensure safety, the electric door of the electric bicycle is opened when getting on the car, and should be closed in time when parking or driving to prevent accidental turning of the speed control knob, which may cause the vehicle to start suddenly and cause an accident.
Do not use the brake handle and the speed control handle at the same time during riding, because the brake handle is a braking component, which has a power-off interlock function to stop the motor; while the handle is turned on and the motor continues to run, so that the motor is in operation. The car can’t move, it will cause overload and damage.

When driving on a rainy day, be careful not to drive while riding while riding with an umbrella.

fat tire ebike

Wear a poncho and be tight. Don’t let the poncho float up for a drive to prevent the poncho from being caught by other things or blocking your view.

It is advisable to implement up and down steps to avoid damage to the parts caused by the drop.
For wading riding, it is not advisable for the water depth to exceed the center line of the in-wheel motor (take the 16″ car with the smallest wheel diameter as an example, and it should not exceed 200mm). In addition, the controller is generally installed in the lowest position of the frame, and it is also easy to be damaged by water.


Electric car
When the end of the day of riding, the battery should be charged in time. Nowadays, most of the batteries on electric bicycles are lead-acid batteries, which have no memory effect. Keep the maximum capacity of the battery as you use it, so as to avoid deep discharge during use, which can extend the life of the battery.

When parking, choose shade and rain, do not expose to the sun, do not get drenched in heavy rain, and make electrical appliances water and damp. Electric bicycles have become a favorite means of transportation for the people because of its green, environmental, economic and convenient characteristics, and it is helpful to alleviate the energy crisis. , It plays a positive role in dredging urban traffic congestion. However, inconvenient charging, easy loss of electric vehicles or batteries, and tens of millions of used batteries discarded every year have a negative impact on consumers and the environment.

Vehicle maintenance includes checking whether all the screws and nuts of the vehicle are firm, whether the control performance is good, whether the tires need to be replaced, whether the mechanical system is in good condition, whether the battery capacity meets the standard, and the brush motor is repaired once a year.

(1) Fully debug the whole vehicle, check whether there are hidden troubles in the electrical control circuit, and eliminate it on the spot if any
(2) Adjust the front and rear brakes to ensure that the brakes are flexible and reliable
(3) Whether the steering of the handlebar is reliable, and whether there is a phenomenon that the handlebar and the front fork slide against each other
(4) Whether the battery socket is loose, whether the battery box lock is working, whether the horn, headlight switch, and buttons are flexible and reliable

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