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Best electric bike conversion kit

Do you hope that your bike can reach faster speeds without consuming your energy and strength? Cycling is an awesome recreational activity, whether you are for good exercise or for excitement on rugged mountain roads. But you must have the stamina—and leg muscles—to climb mountains, ride fast cars, and travel long distances. Of course, unless you have an electric bicycle.

Fortunately, thanks to today’s technology, you can turn any old bicycle into a bicycle. With the ebike conversion kit, you can add motors, rechargeable batteries, and various new electric functions to your bike. It’s easy, and there are many toolkits to choose from. Discover here some of the best ebike conversion kits we have selected.


Advantages of electric bike conversion kit

Increased riding power. The motor power on the electric bike conversion kit ranges from as low as 250 watts to several kilowatts. It relieves some of the pressure on your legs and helps you pedal uphill more easily. Humans can maintain a unit of approximately 0.35 horsepower when riding a bicycle. Even the lowest power model can add a unit equivalent to 0.34 in the equation, effectively doubling your efficiency.

Reach an astonishing speed. Especially if you commute by bike, the extra speed provided by the conversion kit is indeed satisfactory. For primary and secondary bicycles, you can reach a speed of 20 miles per hour, which can greatly shorten your trip (and will not wear out at the end of the ride).

Environmentally friendly and healthy choice. Yes, driving can quickly get you from point A to point B. But it does not add exercise to your day. Refit your bicycle into a motor, which allows you to balance the movement easily. In addition, even if it is electric, it is still an improvement in the environment.

Mountain climbing is easier. The hills are a scourge for cyclists, especially in urban environments. Unlike mountain climbing, gaining the momentum needed to make climbing less laborious is challenging. An electric bike conversion kit can help you navigate the hills on par with San Francisco effortlessly.

Retrofit your existing bicycle. It takes time to become familiar with the operation of a bicycle, and many dedicated riders prefer to insist on experimenting and being authentic. The electric bike conversion kit allows you to keep your existing bike while still adding value to its performance.

Much cheaper. Just a quick glance at the price of prefabricated electric bikes will make most people rush to electric bike conversion kits. They are far more affordable than buying a new car; although they add weight, the power of the motor usually makes up for this difference.

Safe on the road. The electric bike conversion kit is more than just gaining power and riding without burden. They include safety measures, including brake override and a well-calibrated throttle. Combined with responsible use, these electric bike conversion kits can help you keep your roads clear and safe.


Although it only went on the market in 2003, Bafang has quickly grown into one of the leading electronic product suppliers in the mobile field. China has a manufacturing industry, there are service centers everywhere from the United States to the Netherlands, and a complete global supply chain. It provides everything from complete systems to electronic components and is a proud supplier of advanced man-machine interface technology. As far as the electric bike modification kit is concerned, its Bafang 48V 750W watt mid-drive electric bike modification kit is one of the best.

Advantages of electric bicycles

The price is cheap and suitable for working people. The price of an electric bicycle is generally around 500 to 2,000 US dollars, which is much cheaper than a motorcycle.

Not tired when stepping on: Because it is driven by battery + motor, it can drive automatically without stepping on it. For people who work hard every day, it is much more convenient and easier than bicycles.

Fast speed: Although not as fast as a motorcycle, it is much faster than a pedal bike.

Environmental protection: Electric vehicles will not emit toxic gases and cause air pollution. This is the number one advantage of electric vehicles compared to cars and other means of transportation.

Some people may say that when the battery of an electric car is worn out, it will also cause pollution. This view is no longer in line with reality. Because there is already a battery repair technology that can quickly repair old batteries, old batteries can still be purchased and sold for money, and at the same time, unified management and disposal of waste batteries can be realized. Therefore, electric vehicles are a kind of environment that will not pollute the environment. Green transportation.

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