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Different types of electric bike conversion kits

If you ride your bike long enough, you will eventually become restless. Not during a long bicycle trip-this is more likely to make you sore. On the contrary, in the process of owning a bicycle, you will begin to desire to do more with the bicycle. In this regard, the simplicity of the bicycle is both a blessing and a curse.

If you start to feel this way, consider making some major changes to your bike by converting it to an electric bike (or electric bike). No matter where you like to ride, how you ride, and how proficient you are with bicycles, you will find the right kit for you. We will help you explore different types of electric bike modification kits so that you can make the best choice.

Front wheel hub kit

For first-time modders, the most popular modification kit may be the front hub motor kit, where an electric motor powers the front wheel of the bicycle. The front wheel hub kit has a high degree of compatibility and is an ideal starting point for bicycle upgrades.

Although manual bicycles must meet some prerequisites to use the front hub motor—that is, a front fork with a wide enough front wheel and enough space for the motor and battery—most bicycles can easily meet these requirements. Therefore, aspiring electric bike riders are unlikely to find the hard way they cannot use their kits.

However, for the more serious cyclists among us, compatibility and ease of installation also have disadvantages. For those who convert to front-wheel electric bicycles, the most common problem is to adapt to the energy boost from the front of the rider rather than the back.

The feeling of pulling rather than pushing the bike takes some time to get used to. Perhaps more challenging is that the front hub electric bike kit is not the best choice for steep off-road tracks-in this case, pushing is more advantageous than pulling. However, for urban riders who don’t have to deal with inconsistent terrain, the front hub kit may be a good way to power the bike.

Rear wheel hub kit

By using the rear wheel, the rear hub motor kit may be upgraded to a bicycle more naturally than the front hub kit. Because the rear wheel is connected to the gear of the bicycle, many riders will like the feel of the motor pushing them forward. (Of course, others feel that this will make them move too much—everyone is different.)

However, this natural upgrade may be too good for an inexperienced tinker. Working with the gears of the bicycle means installing motors around the gears of the bicycle, which may require a delicate touch that an amateur bicycle technician does not have at all. Overestimating a person’s ability to convert a bicycle from a rear wheel to an electric bicycle can lead to frustration or the bicycle now requires professional repairs.

If you have expertise in installing rear hub motors on your bicycle (or know someone who is happy to help), then it is a worthy addition to your bicycle. The rear hub kit can contain high-power motors, which typically have 750 watts of battery-powered power. However, for riders in high-density areas, they can be bulky. Do you have to take your bicycle from the street back to your fourth floor barrier-free passage? This can be troublesome under optimal conditions, but because the weight of the bike is more unbalanced, you must carry it carefully.

Mid Drive Kit

Some electric bicycle kits use the bicycle’s drive train instead, which moves the motor from the hub to the center of the bicycle. These mid-drive electric bike kits are connected to the bottom bracket and directly supply power to the gearbox for smooth and powerful riding. Unlike in-wheel motor kits that place extra weight on the front or rear of the bicycle, the mid-drive conversion kit provides a central weight distribution, allowing you to get a natural feel when riding and easy to carry during transportation. Working in conjunction with the transmission helps the motor know how much power needs to be provided on difficult terrain such as steep hills, and when to maximize its effect on flat and paved roads.

All-in-one wheel kit

The all-in-one wheel kit fully meets its requirements: it contains all the necessary electric bicycle components in an improved front wheel. By looking for its unique disc on the spokes, you can find an all-in-one kit on the road, giving the wheel a solid structural appearance. For ease of installation, all-in-ones are hard to beat. Its integrated design makes it easier to install than traditional front wheel hub kits. However, this simplification comes with some major disadvantages, especially for riders who want the most help from electric bicycles. Incorporating a battery and motor into the front wheel imposes restrictions on its size and power. You will find that most all-in-one kits have a motor with a maximum power of 250 watts, but the battery life is not sufficient for long or challenging trips. If you don’t require high speed,

Find the right kit


Among the different types of electric bike modification kits, you should be able to find a configuration that suits your existing bike and your level of technical expertise. Shuangye Ebike provides complete electric bicycle motor kits for novices and more experienced electric bicycle enthusiasts. Whether you want to install the Bafang front hub motor kit quickly and easily, or want to get the many benefits of installing the Bafang mid-drive motor kit, you can find everything you need in one of our kits. We will even include the battery of your choice to provide you with the easiest e-bike conversion entry.



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