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Electric bike safety tips

Electric bike safety tips
Electric bike safety tips are a great way to travel, save money and protect the environment-and at the same time let you enjoy it. However, although electric bicycles are fun to ride, they still need to pay attention to the best electric bicycle safety practices to ensure that your riding pleasure continues as safely as possible. Many e-bike safety tips are similar to standard riding, but there are also some e-bike specific tips that you should pay attention to every time you go on the road.

1. Wear a helmet
This technique is simple, but one day it can save your life. I will not go into details here because I have an entire article devoted to helmets. Let’s just say that if your head is going to bounce off the windshield of a car or scratch along the road, it is best to cover it with something other than a baseball cap.

Wearing a helmet can bring you many benefits, including:

Comprehensive protection
Sun protection (the colored screen and upper lip physically block the sun from the eyes)
Keep you warm in winter

Walking around with it gives the impression that what you are riding is cooler than an electric bike (if there is such a thing), but full-face helmets do have some disadvantages, including higher cost, limited visibility, and they are very cool in the summer. hot. I often change back to a normal bicycle helmet in the summer.

Helmet:removable sports bullet proof Motorcycle Molding Bike For Motorcycles Motor Cycle Bike children’s helmet

Electric bike safety tips

2. Use your lights
Most fatal bicycle accidents occur at night. How to protect yourself when the sun goes down? It’s simple: install lights on the bike. The more the better. Those tiny reflectors on bicycles are simply not good enough. Do you really want to pin your hopes of survival on a piece of fragile plastic that is designed to be the cheapest way to meet outdated laws at a minimum?

Use at least one flashing front (white) and rear (red) LED lights on your electric bike. Even better, put one more for each. The extra lights on the helmet would be better. The spoke lights are also great. Anything that makes you more visible at night will greatly reduce your chances of being hit by a car. For more information about electric bike lights, please check out my article “Install the right light on your electric bike”.

Bicycle lights:Rainproof luces luz de para bicicleta Super Bright accessories led Bike Lights Set bike led bicycle lights

Electric bike safety tips

3. Use warning devices
Install bells and horns on your bike. Bells are used to warn pedestrians, and horns are used to warn cars (don’t be confused, pedestrians don’t like being blown by air horns). You will notice that I said “air horn”. Leave the rubber tail horn for the clown car.

4. Ride on the right side of the road, there is traffic, not against
Don’t be this kind of person-ride along the right path!

This may sound obvious, but many people think it’s best to ride in traffic so you can see cars approaching you without them sneaking into you from behind. However, this type of bicycle rear-end collision is very rare compared to all other types of bicycle accidents. A study I read showed that these types of rear-end vehicle collisions account for only 2% of all bicycle accidents.

Statistically speaking, you are much more likely to be hit by a car driving on the road because he did not check traffic coming in the wrong direction. Insist on riding in traffic instead of opposing it.

Electric bike safety tips

5. Take the driveway
On electric bicycles, if you can drive within the published speed limit on the road, please ride in the lane. Traffic speeds in many urban areas, especially downtown and commercial centers, rarely exceed 25-30 mph, and because of stop-and-go traffic, traffic speeds are usually much less during peak hours. It is much safer for you to drive in the lane with the car so that they can see you than to try to hug the side of the road and be overtaken by the car.

In addition, when the car is parked on the road, they check whether there are other cars in the middle of the road, and often miss the cyclists riding on the edge of the road. If you find that you need to make any sudden evasive actions, giving yourself more space between you and the curb can also provide you with work space. Finally, it eliminates the opportunity for a parked car to “open the door”, which happens when a parallel parked car opens its door before you have a chance to leave. At low speeds, these collisions are annoying and can cause damage; it is well known that driving at high speeds on electric bicycles is fatal.

6.Keep the tires properly inflated
Not only can this help you increase the range of your electric bike, but it can also give you better control if you need to react quickly to avoid collisions. Keep your tires full so that you have the best chance to avoid a crash in milliseconds. When you are there, check your tire tread and make sure your tire is not bald. With all the extra power you have to pack, worn tires and electric bikes are a bad combination. When you need it most (or almost always, for that matter), you definitely don’t want to lose control of the road.

7. Become a defensive driver
Drive defensively and assume that other drivers will come to you. To be fair, they don’t usually shoot you, but sometimes it can happen because they misjudge your speed on an electric bike.

Most drivers see the bicycle and think it is “slow”, no matter how fast the bicycle actually travels. Seeing children riding bicycles over the years seems to have strengthened this bicycle=slow driver mentality. This can be a big problem when you are riding a fast electric bike and an oncoming driver thinks he has time to turn in front of you. You might think that he obviously realizes that your current speed means he will never succeed, but all he sees is a bicycle and thinks he has a lot of time in the world.

This happens much more often than you realize. You want to take the safety of electric bicycles seriously, and then you must be prepared for it. I never give drivers the benefit of doubt and always assume that they will make wrong judgments when they turn or start slowing down. If I am wrong, then I will be pleasantly surprised by a competent driver. If I am right, then I am ready to start braking or get out of the way.

8. Be careful of drunkenness, serious
Be extra careful on weekends, especially Friday and Saturday nights. This is when the drunks are out. Although the driver may be bad on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, Friday night may be like a bounty on your head, and the first person to get drunk will receive the prize.

Electric bike safety tips
9. Use a mirror
Hand mirrors are very suitable for people to use when riding bicycles, but there are many other good options. As we talked about before, statistically speaking, you are less likely to be hit by a driver who just hits behind you, but if you suddenly turn to the lane to avoid something, you are more likely to be hit by Hit the road from behind.

Before driving further into the lane, be sure to try to look behind you or check the mirror. Compact cars are getting quieter and the increasingly popular electric cars are almost silent. You usually don’t know that there is a car coming from behind, and accidents coming out from the front are much more common than you think.

rearview mirror:factory cellphone holder for car bicycle blind spot compact decorative e bike city mtb full handle bar bike rearview mirror

Electric bike safety tips

10. Make eye contact with other drivers, especially at intersections
Many bicycle accidents happen at intersections simply because the cyclist mistakenly believes that the driver saw him. Unless you specifically make eye contact with him, do not assume that the driver knows you are there. Even so, be moderately skeptical-remember tip #7. Crossroads are dangerous places for bicycles/e-bikes, so you must do everything you can to make sure that other drivers know that you are there, which is very important.
Riding an electric bike should be a pleasant experience. Staying safe is the best option to maintain this state. To learn more about the most common ways bicycles and cars meet—and how to avoid them—please visit Everything covered there is as important to the safety of electric bicycles as ordinary bicycles.

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