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How to build a cheap electric bike

Electric bicycles are much easier to build than you think! All you need is a bike in good working condition, a conversion kit and a battery. Using the conversion kit makes the process super simple and fast. If you shop online to find the most cost-effective tools and re-use the bikes you already own, this may be a cheap item.

1.Collect your materials

electric road bike kit

Choose front disc brakes and wide handlebars for mountain bikes. If you don’t have a bicycle yet, search online or locally to find a second-hand bicycle at the right price. Fortunately, you can use any bicycle on hand, although certain features will produce the best results:

Choose bicycles with 26-inch, 20-inch, or 16-inch wheels, as these are the most common off-the-shelf wheel sizes. Folding bicycles usually have smaller wheels, faster acceleration, more bumpy, and slower cruising speed.

Mountain bikes are most often converted into electric bikes, but you can also use different types, as long as it has a sturdy frame and a standard bottom bracket. Do not use bicycles with carbon fiber frames or forks because they are not strong enough to support additional weight or to withstand additional torque.

Wider handlebars are best because they provide enough space for all your accessories and lights. The front disc brake will make it easier for you to park on steep hills.


Pick up the electric bike conversion kit. If you have never made an electric bike before, a retrofit kit will make this process much easier. These bolt kits include a throttle, speed controller and a wheel with a hub motor. Some are also equipped with meters, displays, and brake levers, although these are not absolutely necessary.

Please make sure that the wheels included in the kit are the same size as the existing wheels on your bike! Due to the location of the gears, it is much easier to replace the front wheels than the rear wheels, so choose a kit with a hub motor located on the front wheels.

In most cases, the battery will not be provided with the conversion kit. However, for ease of installation, it is best to purchase batteries and conversion kits from the same manufacturer.

Choose a 36-volt or 48-volt battery with a capacity of 10Ah or 20Ah. Choose a battery designed for electric bicycles because it will come with a charger and will be easier to install. Make sure that the battery voltage and capacity you choose are compatible with the conversion kit you purchased. The higher the voltage of the bicycle battery, the greater the power of the bicycle. When building an electric bicycle, choose a 36-volt or 48-volt battery to ensure speed and comfort.

The capacity of the battery determines how long it can be used. If you are going for a short trip, a 10Ah battery will suit you well, and a 20Ah battery will provide extra power for your long trip.

fat bike electric kit

2.Replace the wheels
Remove the wheel that needs to be replaced. First use the lever to open the rim or cantilever brake (if applicable). If the bicycle has a disc brake, remove the fixing pin or split pin, or the clip or spring that secures the brake pad. Use needle-nose pliers to pull out the pad and set it aside.

To remove the front wheel, turn the bicycle over so that it sits on the seat and handlebars, and then turn the quick release lever to the “open” position. Then, just lift the front wheel from the bicycle.

To remove the rear wheel, squat behind the bicycle. Hold the frame with your non-dominant hand and pull the derailer back with your dominant hand. Then use your non-dominant hand to lift the bicycle frame and away from the rear wheel, and use your dominant hand to untie the chain.

Transfer tires and inner tubes from old wheels to new wheels. Let the air escape from the old tire and use the tire rod to separate the tire from the wheel. Pull out the tire and inner tube. The process of installing the tire and inner tube to the wheel included in the conversion kit is reversed.

Put the wheel with the electric hub on the bicycle and connect the brake part. Just reverse the process of disassembling the wheel and reinstall it. The chain must be adjusted so if you want to replace the rear wheel, it will fit well. If the bicycle has rims or cantilever brakes, just use the lever to close them on the new wheel. If the bicycle has disc brakes, put the brake pads back in place and secure them with clips, springs, split pins or fixing pins.

Adjust the brake as needed, align the caliper (for mechanical braking) or pump the brake lever (for hydraulic braking).

electric bike motor kit reviews

3.Add other electrical parts
Connect the speed controller and the throttle. Follow the instructions in the conversion kit to install these two parts using the hardware provided. Use the provided bolts to fix the speed controller to the bicycle frame above the chain. Then, connect the throttle to the handlebar so that it is easy to reach.

If you have any other accessories, please also attach them. Use the included hardware to fix the speed sensor to the rear wheel, and connect any displays and gauges to the handlebars.

Connect the battery to the speed controller and throttle. Connect each part according to the instructions included with the kit. Normally, you only need to insert the connector on the speed controller into the connector on the battery, and then repeat the process for the throttle. Be sure not to touch the battery wires at the same time, as this may produce dangerous sparks!

Install the battery on the bicycle. Most electric bicycle batteries are designed to be mounted on the frame instead of on the water bottle rack. This is the ideal position because it keeps its center of gravity low. Follow the instructions that came with the battery to connect the battery to the frame using the hardware included.

Or, you can put the battery in a box or basket on the front or back of the bike, especially if it is too large to fit on the frame (for example, if it exceeds 60 volts).

Secure any loose cables. Use zippers to attach any loose parts to the frame. Remember to be safe, because you don’t want any cables to be pinched while you are riding.

Ride your electric bike. that’s all! You can now cruise around on your electric bike. When you are ready to ride, gently depress the accelerator. Go for a test drive in a less populated area so you can get used to it before hitting the road.

Charge the bicycle when necessary. The electric bicycle battery comes with a charger, which makes the process super simple. Follow the instructions to connect the battery to the charger and plug it into a compatible outlet when needed.

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