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How to repair a electric bicycle tire

Fixing a flat tire on an electric bicycle can be a bit painful, especially when the flat tire is in the in-wheel motor wheel. The best way is to try to avoid a puncture from the beginning, but if you have already found yourself stuck with a puncture, here is how to fix it.

We assume that the flat tire is in the in-wheel motor wheel. If not, follow the same steps, but you can ignore everything about motors/wires/etc and focus only on the wheels.

First turn off the electric bike and turn it over so that it rests on the handlebars and seat. I also like to remove the battery first to make the electric bike lighter and to ensure that the electric bike will not accidentally turn on while I am working. In addition, please consider laying a blanket first to avoid scratching your seat, shelf, handlebars, etc. Don’t forget to flip any mirrors or other handlebar accessories that might interfere with the handlebars standing on the ground.

If you have a rim brake, turn it on to avoid blocking the tire or rim. If you have disc brakes, they are great.

Loosen the shaft nuts on either side of the hub motor until the shaft of the hub motor can swing freely and free from the claws. You may need to remove the torque arm if you have a torque arm installed on your motor and it will interfere with removing the axle from the hook.

If your hub motor has a connector near the motor, disconnect it so that you can pull the wheel completely out and separate it from the bicycle. This will make the rest of the work easier.

Make sure you remember to cut any cable ties that secure the motor wires to the frame so that you don’t accidentally put pressure on it by pulling it while it is still connected.

If your motor cable does not have any in-line connectors, the remaining steps will be more difficult. It is still very feasible, but you must perform every step while the motor is still connected to the bicycle. First remove the tire from the rim opposite the steel wire, usually on the non-chain side. Next, pull the inner tube out of the tire, including the valve stem on the rim.

Prepare your new tube with a little air in it, but don’t inflate it enough to start stretching like a balloon. Give it a little air to make it easier to handle unlike wet noodles.

With your new tube within reach, lift the wheel with one hand to remove the joint from the axle, and then use the other hand to pull out the old tube (or you can cut it out to simplify this step) . Now, when the wheel is still in the air and there is no drop in the axle, grab the new tube and squeeze it between the axle and the frame, leaving enough space for cleaning so that it won’t get caught when you let the motor Down. Now slowly put the motor back into the hook. If the shaft planes are not perfectly aligned, use a 10 mm or adjustable wrench to shake the shaft back and forth a bit until it slides into the hook.

Now insert the new inner tube into the tire and insert the new valve stem into the rim. Reinstall the tire bead in the rim, then slowly inflate the tire to the proper PSI, and check whether the bead is evenly fixed on both sides of the wheel.

If your motor cable has a plug-in connector, you can completely disconnect the hub motor wheel, and then perform all these steps on the ground or on a workbench, which will be easier and more comfortable.

Assuming everything looks good, which means your wheels are well aligned and the tires are properly seated, turn off the axle nuts and brakes. If everything is back to its original condition, your brakes should still be the same as they were before you started. If your brakes are now rubbing, check to make sure the axles are in place all the way down on both sides

The tire is an important component in the entire electric vehicle.

It supports the full weight of the vehicle and bears the load of the vehicle; it transmits the torsion force of traction and braking to ensure the adhesion of the wheels and the road surface; it reduces and absorbs the vibration and absorption of the vehicle during driving. The impact force prevents the auto parts from violent vibration and early damage. So as to ensure the handling stability, driving safety, comfort and energy saving economy. Such an important part, the maintenance and overhaul of electric vehicles cannot be ignored.

Among them, the tires are divided into vacuum tires and ordinary tires. Tubeless tires are tires without inner tubes. When the vehicle is moving at high speed, the amount of change is small, and it can maintain good driving stability and low friction, which is conducive to the absorption of shock and impact. And the increase in vehicle speed.

Tubeless tires are much thicker than ordinary tube-type tires, and there is a layer of high-quality rubber on the surface. After inflation, the surface tension increases, and a certain pressure is formed on the inner surface, which improves the self-sealing ability to the breach. Once punctured, it is not like The gas of ordinary tires is completely exhausted in an instant, and it will last for a certain period of time, ensuring completeness during high-speed driving.

Usually when the degree of wear reaches a certain level, the tires must be replaced in time; cracks on the surface of the electric bicycle tires will also become a safety hazard. Perhaps the cracks in the tires at the beginning have little effect on riding, but after a long period of riding After that, it will not only damage the inner tube, but also cause the risk of bulging or puncture. Therefore, when we find obvious cracks, we should replace it in time. Generally speaking, the service life of electric vehicle tires is about 5 years, of course, it depends on the daily traffic conditions; after a certain number of years, the electric vehicle tires will begin to age, and continued use will cause the tread to deform and cause explosions.

Replacement of electric vehicle tires:

1.Generally, electric vehicle tires are replaced after they have passed their service life. The service life of electric vehicle tires is generally about three years. 2. When the tire is found to be worn to the limit mark at the bottom of the groove, the tire should be replaced. 3. The tire should be replaced when there is a crack in the tire of the electric car. 4. If the electric vehicle has a bulging phenomenon, it is necessary to go to a regular repair shop for professional inspection and replacement. 5. When the white steel wire appears on the tire surface due to excessive wear, it indicates that its various performances are already very weak, which affects the comfort and safety of the vehicle. At this time, new tires must be replaced.



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