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How to shorten a bike chain using a chain tool

How to shorten a bicycle chain using a chain tool

First you need to buy a chain cutter.

If you do not use the chain cutter and use ordinary pliers, you can only remove the chain, but cannot install it, because the bolt and the chain cannot be knocked forcibly, which will damage the structure and the strength of the chain.

Then follow the steps below:
1. Each chain has two bolts connected to each other
2. Rotate the chain and find that the color of one of the pins is different from the other pins (the other colors are silver, the one you are looking for is black)
3. If there is no difference in color, then you can find one at will.
4. Align the needle on the chain cutter with the center of the pin, then slowly turn the handle to push the pin out
5. Note: When turning the handle, observe whether the pin is pushed out smoothly and slowly. It may deviate from the direction because your needle is not aligned with the center.
6. After the bolt is completely pushed out, put it away and choose the length of the chain you want to cut off
7. After the chain to be cut off, follow the steps above to cut a pin again
8. Then reinstall the two ends of the chain, also using a chain cutter, which is just the opposite of the step of pushing out the bolt.
9. After inserting the pin into the chain with the chain cutter, the chain is connected successfully.
10. Twist the joint up and down a few times with your hands, preferably a little lubricating oil.

maintain the electric bike chain

The chain is a key part of the bicycle transmission system. Riding stretching will make the chain spacing larger and larger, accelerate the wear of the flywheel and chainring, make abnormal noises, and even break the chain in severe cases, causing a crash while riding.

In order to avoid this situation, today I will share with you how to judge whether the chain needs to be replaced, and how to quickly replace the bicycle with a new chain.

A bicycle chain with an incorrect length can cause severe shifting performance and deprive the pleasure of riding. Removing a few links from the chain is the answer, and it’s fast!

Determine whether to replace the new chain

Most mountain bike chain stretches are caused by incorrectly shifting gears and pedaling forcefully during riding. You can use special measuring tools to know exactly whether it is stretched or not.

Put the curved end of the chain measuring tool between the chains, and then tighten the chain against the chain shaft, and try to put the other end of the measuring instrument into the gap of the chain. If you can’t put it in at all, the chain does not need to be replaced.

You should pay attention to cleaning the chain, roulette, and daily lubrication. If the other end can be put in, it means that the stretched distance of the chain is too large and needs to be replaced immediately.

bike chain

If the front part of the chain caliper can be easily put into the chain, it means there is wear and tear, and you can consider replacing it with a new chain.

The transmission system of a mountain bike can be said to be a very sophisticated structure. The mountain bikes bought are usually adjusted by the car shop. If you shorten the elongated chain by yourself, the transmission system will not be smooth and lose the meaning of the transmission.

If you want to shorten the structure of the chain, it must be reduced by two links together, but our usual chain stretch will not reach this level. If it is forcibly reduced, it will bring more to the chainring and flywheel in the subsequent shifting. Large friction will eventually accelerate the wear of the chainring, chain, and flywheel, and even break the tension of the rear derailleur, and finally need to replace a full set of gearshift kits.

If the mountain bike chain is stretched, replace it with a new chain immediately, and equip it with a chain of the corresponding specification according to your own gearshift kit model.

bike chain fidget

Steps to replace the link

1. Clean the chain, flywheel and chainring before replacement to prevent the new chain from being soiled.

2. Adjust the gear of the bicycle to loosen the chain and remove the chain from the chainring on the chainring to prevent the chain tension from being too strong to remove the magic buckle.

3. Find the position of the magic buckle of the chain, push the two sides of the magic buckle inward together, and remove the magic buckle.

4. If the chain does not use magic buckle, you need to use a chain cutter to separate the chain. Clamp the chain in the groove of the chain tool to ensure that the chain link is perpendicular to the drive tip to avoid the small hole at the top from being worn.

5. Screw in the thimble. Tighten the handle of the chain tool so that the thimble can just hit the top of the chain pin. After all the thimble passes through the chain, unscrew the thimble.

6. Pull out the chain in the direction that the chain rotates during daily riding.
7. Compare the length of the new and old chains, and cut off the extra part of the new chain.
8. Re-thread the new chain. At this time, it should be noted that the chains of some brands are designed to be one-way, so it is necessary to ensure that the brand’s logo is placed outside the chain during installation.
9. Use a chain cutter to snap the new pin in place. The new pin is easy to move at the beginning, and only when you reach the last millimeter do you feel that the pin is fixed.

10. After the new chain is installed, you need to remove the part of the guide pin. Clamp it with pliers, and quickly twist it in a relatively large direction to separate the pin sections.
11. The ordinary chain just installed will be a little tight the first time it is used, causing the chain to jump.

Therefore, you need to use your thumb to twist and adjust the chain link back and forth to ensure flexibility when the chain works and shifts gears.

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